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domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Journey Of A Dress Exhibition

There are items that, through the time, not only become iconic but make fashion history.
Diane Von Furstenberg signature wrap-dress is one of these. A dress which is suitable for every kind of body type, that immediately makes us feel classy and ready for every occasion. A dress which has been worn by thousands of women, hundreds of celebrities, that was painted in every kind of colour and experimented all types of patterns.
A dress which turned forty this year.
And It was a huge celebration: in Los Angeles, at LACMA Museum, with an exhibition that, before open to the public from January 11th, was celebrated with a beautiful event. An army of mannequins, all wearing the wrap-dress.
Hundreds of photos and art pieces of these epic forty years. And her, Diane Von Furstenberg in person, to make us all feel at home. Ready to celebrate the dress that changed the rules of fashion.